The Tree Spirits

The Tree Spirits are a funky Canadian electro pop/rock band lead by Ricky Sunshine.

Their first album, Color my Days was mastered by Grammy award nominated Andy Jackson and distributed by Universal music Canada. It drew excellent critics and paved the way for their upcoming album Fork you.

The new album will be mastered by Tokyo born Aya Merrill (Beyoncé, Enrique Iglesias and Ariana Grande).This odes well for the album's first single Godzilla's Tail because it was inspired by Ricky Sunshine's close attachement to the Japanese culture. The video for Godzilla Tail was filmed in Japan earlier this year

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Review by Serge Lariviere( AlternativeRockPress)

This new English musical project of Eric Rousseau aka Ricky Sunshine is in the mainstream of current groups in Quebec, but it has a certain something more. Sunny melodies, rhythms sailing waters between pop and electro to rock, a shovel full of positivism, is what the The Tree Spirits is. What makes the charm of the album Color My Day, it's the feeling of lightness; the trip that we offer the singer during our listening (Sweet California, Jump In The Vibe). With the summer season coming soon (do we have a summer soon?) Color My Day sounds good at the poolside while sipping a Piña colada. 4/5 stars

Color my Day by Ricky Sunshine is in store now!!!Stay tune!




Ricky Sunshine

Song Writer

Éric Rousseau

Self-taught musician for the past 12 years, Eric was guitarist for many local groups. He has travelled throughout Quebec, the Maritimes and Ontario with cover bands. In 1993 he founded the French group Rose Nocturne. This group unveiled Eric’s talent for composition and lyrics. With a No. 1 hit on the radio, a top 25 on the radio chart and two video-clips on Musique Plus, the band then went on a Promotion Tour. The first album Éclosion (Or W. Woolf/Sony musique) was launched in 1994 and the second in 1997 Bête de cirque (NRJ/DEP). Eric worked in the studio with Jeff Nystrom (sound engineer) and Myles Goodwin (April Wine), who produced both albums. Eric quit Rose Nocturne in 1998 to form another band, Frozen Frogs, specializing in alternative rock. At present the band still plays at festivals and in bars, attracting many fans. Eric still works as a Sound Technician and Tour Manager for different artists. He also organizes summer festivals and events, and supervises college students who are in a committee of future stage technicians. It was in 2011, with his friend, Stephane Desbiens, (producer, musician and member of the D Project Band) they decided to create The Tree Spirits

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